[i18n-activity] Simplify description of shiftRuby

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== Simplify description of shiftRuby ==
10.2.36 tts:rubyOverflow

Editorial (i think, unless i'm missing something – which is certainly 

> If the value of this attribute is shiftRuby, then overflow is 
prevented by relaxing the ruby text to base text alignment by inseting
 the ruby text while preserving base text to line edge alignment. When
 inseting ruby text, the semantics of tts:overHang apply for the 
purpose of determining whether and how much overhang is permitted 
between the inset ruby text and adjacent base text.
> When inseting ruby text or base text in order to resolve a potential
 overflow scenario, only the minimum (non-negative) inset is applied.

Isn't this rather long description about insetting the ruby text just 
a question of saying align both ruby text and base text with the line 

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