Re: [typography] Hebrew, with ascender

I'm thinking of setting up a separate typeSample repo, using the 
issues for scans of text with interesting typographic features.

1. anyone should be able to upload samples
1. anyone should be able to download the samples
1. it should be possible to link to a specific sample 
1. it should be possible to have a discussion about a specific sample
1. we should use the same labels as for the typography index

I tried a wiki based approach, but eventually pages will get too long.
 Also, if you have multiple pictures in one wiki it's harder to link 
to one specific picture.

This use of issues, couple with prior uploading of an image to the 
repo, seems the best approach so far.  The one thing that would be 
nice would be to have a Flickr-like album, that allowed you to see 
thumbnails of lots of samples at once, then zoom in to the one you 
want to use or leave notes on.

Having the samples in the repo makes it easy for anyone to download 

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Received on Wednesday, 15 February 2017 14:07:17 UTC