[clreq] How much space around in space-around?

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== How much space around in space-around? == Word Alignment

>  When the length of an annotation is shorter than that of its base 
text, the annotation can be center-aligned (in the case of Western 
script) or use larger tracking (in the case of Han characters). There 
are two methods to satisfy the latter, one is to equally distribute 
the spacing while the other is to align justified.

I assume that for the latter two methods, "equally distribute the 
spacing" is the equivalent of space-around in CSS, while "align 
justified" is equivalent to space-between.  Is that correct? (see 

If i'm correct, i believe that JLReq prefers space-around to use half 
the amount of intercharacter space on the outside for space-around, 
whereas clreq seems to be suggesting a standard amount of space inside
 and outside the annotation.  Is that a correct understanding of how 
space-around should be implemented for Chinese annnotations?

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