[clreq] How to handle multisyllable/multiword ruby annotations in Chinese

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== How to handle multisyllable/multiword ruby annotations in Chinese 
In the examples shown in clreq all the word-based annotations, such as
 píngshéng or xiàohuà, have no space between the syllables.  Is this 
always the case, or do you sometimes see the pinyin for a word as two 
(or more) syllables with space between?

The example that includes Kieth Emerson seems to attach those two 
names to separate runs of hanzi characters.

Are there cases (and presumably there are for bilingual annotations or
 interlinear comments) where more than one latin script word is 
included in a single annotation, with a space between?  If such an 
annotation is short and appears over a long base text, what happens to
 the words?

Here i'm modifying the Keith Emerson example to show what i mean. 
There's a lot of base character width, and much less annotation width,
 and the one annotation includes two words.

Should they be set solid and centred like this:

Or should they be like the CSS space-around setting (leaving a large 
gap in the middle) (this is Firefox's default):

(I'm assuming that it would be wrong to equally space all the 
characters across the ruby text box, as you would for hanzi 

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