[clreq] Handling long annotations over adjacent characters in Chinese

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== Handling long annotations over adjacent characters in Chinese == Basic Requirements 基本规则

> 只要不侵犯最小间距,可允许注文伸展到相邻基字上方。
> Annotations are allowed to extend to the top of adjacent base text 
as long as the minimum spacing is ensured.

Is it possible to get some more detail on how this works?  In JLReq 
annotations can overlap kana or punctuation, and then there are 
specific distances to be considered, but cannot overlap kanji. It 
sounds like romanized annotations can overlap adjacent hanzi 
characters in Chinese as well as punctuation.  Is that correct?  Are 
there any limitations (other than the need to separate the annotation 
by a minimum 1/4em space from adjacent ones)?

CLReq mentions that tracking may need to be adjusted where adjacent 
annotations are long enough to run into each other.  Is this tracking 
meant to be for all characters on a line/in a paragraph/on a page?  Or
 is it referring to just adding space around the affected characters?

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