Re: [alreq] Section on counter styles

So, in terms of enumerating the alphabet, we can say, for each letter,
 we have a "text style" singular presentation and a "math style" one.

Now, another question is how to continue counting after we've iterated
 over all letters. One method I remember from school was (for Persian 
Abjad) was this:
* ا.
* ب.
* ج.
* ...
* ا.ا.
* ا.ب.
* ا.ج.
* ...
* ب.ا.
* ب.ب.
* ب.ج.
* ...
And, optionally, SPACE or ZWNJ instead of the DOT.

Anything knows of any other methods?

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Received on Thursday, 9 February 2017 01:30:13 UTC