[clreq] Multiple-word annotations?

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== Multiple-word annotations? ==
I'm reviewing the CSS and TTML specs for ruby, and i'm missing some 
information in clreq about how annotations might be positioned. Here's
 the list of questions i found i was asking myself.

1. I assume that all non-zhuyin annotations are centred over the base 
character(s) they annotate by default. Is that correct, or are there 
situations where the start of the annotation is aligned with the start
 of the base text?  (ie. like katatsuki in japanese)
2. I assume that a single 'bilingual annotation' or 'interlinear 
comment' may sometimes contain more than one word.  I such situations 
is there ever an attempt to align the first and last words with the 
start and end of a longer base text, or vice versa?  Or are such 
annotations simply set solid and centred?  
3. Are there ever situations where 'romanization' (ie. phonetic) 
annotations contain more than one word separated by spaces?
4. Can 'interlinear comments' contain hanzi characters?

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