Re: [ilreq] Hyphenation case 1 and 2 intentions

@r12a: Yeah the case 1 is just like hyphenated compound words in 
English, and modern typography practices in India is not matured 
enough to commonly distinguish hyphen and en dash. The case 2 is just 
like how English is hyphenated when doing line breaking, while 
per-orthographical-syllable line breaking is already the best people 
hope for therefore dictionary-based line breaking is not common. Yeah 
these should be clarified.

@slata: Afaik, U+00AD SHY is used by some Tamil publishers merely to 
aid the lack of good hyphenation dictionaries and algorithm. For such 
usage it's just an ad-hoc and in-house solution, not a widespread 
special use case.

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Received on Sunday, 22 January 2017 20:05:28 UTC