Re: [ilreq] Variable spelling for purnaviram

It's really confusing to use multiple names to refer to these 

Basically, in Sanskrit, "।" is called _virāma_ ("stop"; sometimes 
_ardhavirām_, "half stop") and "॥" _pūrṇavirāma_ ("full stop"). Such 
usage-based names naturally get ambiguous when their usage changes, 
eg, in modern Hind text only "।" is used like western "." to terminate
 sentences (thus, full stop), and "," inside sentences.

I can understand it's Hindi's usage that led to such statement 
confusing to anyone who knows multiple Indic languages:

> In case of Devanagari phrase separator called **Danda** or 
**purnaviram** (।) and **double danda** (।।: used to mark end of the 

Can we just use Unicode names or shape-based (instead of usage-based) 
names in such cases to reduce ambiguity? In such a doc that discusses 
multiple languages (which often have conflicting ways of naming 
things), it's important to stick a clear defined set of terminology.

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Received on Sunday, 22 January 2017 19:26:09 UTC