Re: [alreq] Change the title to reflect that this is Arabic script, not Arabic Language

@behnam, I'm absolutely against this change as previously explained. 
Let me elaborate:

* As we all probably know very well, "Arabic" is a language as well as
 a writing system. "Arabic" language uses "Arabic" writing system (aka
 "Abjadic Arabic", "أبجدية عربية"). So do Azeri, Baluchi, Kashmiri, 
Kurdish, Pashto, Persian, Punjabi, Sindhi, Uighur, Urdu, and others;
* We stated this very very very clearly that ALReq is not about 
"Arabic language". It's about layouting text for Arabic writing 
* "script" is not a synonym for "writing system". "script" is a subset
 of a writing system (see Coulmas, Florian. 2003. *Writing systems. An
 introduction*. Cambridge University Press. pg. 35).

* What is the rationale of this proposal? @r12a, do you care to 
* Why "script"? No other of the LReq documents use "script" in their 
title. [JLReq]( uses 
"text", [Chinese]( uses 
"text", Indic and Ethiopic are just plain "Indic Layout Requirements" 
and "Ethiopic Layout Requirements". 

At the moment with existing information, this change seems to me as 
controversial, arbitrary, and with minor actual benefit to the quality
 of the document. If I'm persuaded of the change and there is a 
consensus that our current title is sub-optimal or misleading, then we
 can follow JLReq or CLReq example and call it "Requirements for 
Arabic Text Layout".

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Received on Tuesday, 17 January 2017 17:52:03 UTC