Re: [alreq] Applying a unified style to the document

> I’m not very sure about using ```<span>``` instead of actual 
quotation marks

i often wondered about this, too, but am thinking recently that it's 
better to supply the quotes with CSS because it gives greater 
typographic control and because it makes localization easier. An 
example of typographic control would be to add small spaces between 
German quotations marks and the text quoted, or indeed to change the 
quotation marks in use (say for example you want to follow the typical
 British model rather than the US model, or vice versa – it's easy to 
change throughout).  This ability to change all quotation marks is 
also useful when localising, of course, especially if there is also 
markup around the text. It avoids lots of fiddling and potentially 
incorrect nesting of quotation marks by the translator.

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Received on Wednesday, 16 December 2015 11:39:12 UTC