Re: [alreq] Unify indentation format of the HTML code

fwiw, i think Mostafa is right to worry about this. However, from 
previous experience, here's what i  think we need to do:

anyone making changes that they want to submit as a pull request must 
NOT use an editor that reformats the document (otherwise it will be 
impossible to see the changes in the diff – and note, btw, that we 
need to record changes, and pointing to the diff page is a very easy 
way to do it compared to the alternatives).

from time to time, we will probably want to tidy up the code, and i 
recommend that this is done using an automated tool (i think the 
current output is the result of doing that using DreamWeaver's 'Apply 
Source Formatting' tool, despite the fact that it looks odd in a 
couple of places).  If we do so, we should JUST do that and commit, 
rather than include other changes.

it's worthwhile, however, for people proposing edits via pull requests
 to try to keep their HTML tidy, and approximately conformant to the 
format that a tidy would produce.

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Received on Monday, 30 November 2015 11:35:53 UTC