Re: [alreq] Applying a unified style to the document

i struggled with how to represent rtl text in examples when writing 
the educational articles on the w3c site.  I think the article at shows my 
approach at its most evolved state - see the explanation in the purple
 box and look at the examples to see whether they look workable.

we're about to move to a new document style that imposes a 50em max 
width on the main text column, although if needed we should be able to
 use wider tables and diagrams.  That should give you a rule of thumb 
for the overall size.  Any caption text should be in the caption 
element.  It would be good to keep other explanatory text in an image 
to a minimum.  For Arabic text, i recommend a size that is big enough 
for non-arabic-using people to clearly see what's going on.

it is possible to use SVG (it's used already in the clreq and tlreq 

in W3C docs it is common to use [DOCNAME] type links to the references
 section.  I never thought this was very helpful. It springs from 
academic rather than practical sources.  I recommend that links in the
 document link directly to the document being cited, and to the 
relevant place inside that document.  We can also use the [DOCNAME] 
links to provide information about the name of the document, if 

here's a style guide that you may find useful  See also the respec 
guidelines (esp. for things like linking to definitions, figures, 

hope that helps

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