Re: HTML-XML TF Cancelled 6 September 2011

Henri Sivonen scripsit:

> It seems that the Report is too diplomatic about polyglot and failed
> to drive home the point that the conclusion is that it's (generally)
> not worthwhile to bother to publish in polyglot, because the consumers
> have incentive to get an HTML parser off the shelf anyway (in order to
> consume everything else that isn't polyglot).

Not worthwhile, perhaps, to publish on the World Wide Web.  But the world
is bigger than the WWW, and contains many other kinds of publication;
what is more, publication is not the only use case for documents.

My employer, for example, maintains a large set of documents in an
internal non-XML format.  They are being converted to a subset of DocBook;
when and if they are published openly, this will mean another conversion
step to HTML.  If they had been converted to polyglot HTML, they would be
just as processable internally, and no second conversion would be required.

How they ever reached any  conclusion at all    <>
is starkly unknowable to the human mind.
        --"Backstage Lensman", Randall Garrett

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