Re: How to add user defined namespaces to an XHTML5 document? was RE: HTML/XML TF report introductory text

On 24/10/2011 20:42, Robert Leif wrote:
> I tested the following page with XMLSpy and although it is well formed,
> it does not validate.

Does not validate against what schema?

Since there is no schema supplied as part of the standard you must be 
using a schema supplied by some other body. If the schema has not been 
updated to the current draft of HTML5 then that is an issue that you 
should take up with the schema author. Your example file looked valid to 
me (and appeared to agree).

 > My question is how do I add namespaces to an XHTML5 document?

xhtml5 is xml so you use normal XML namespaces syntax xmlns:x="whatever".

If you want use of additional namespaces to be valid you need to provide 
an extended schema that defines the additional usage. This is no 
different from the situation with xhtml 1.x.


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