RE: Friction and cross pollination

Norm et al.

I believe that the email exchanges are often more useful than the
teleconferences. Teleconferences are very useful for work on the text of

I am attending the Pathology Informatics meeting in Pittsburg. It would
benefit many of the projects here for an interface to be created between XML
and HTML5 and/or XHTML5. A consensus is developing that DICOM will
eventually evolve into an XML application. HL7 version 3 will be XML. This
covers radiology and pathology, and a few other fields. Medical informatics
needs this interface. HTML5 is needed to create repots  We need to suggest a
means to make this interface. 

Some of us are getting clobbered with medical insurance rate increases.
Assisting in the simplification of medical informatics will help to control
prices. Admittedly, I have no idea of the size of the potential savings. I
can only go by my experience, which indicates that it will be significant.

Bob Leif


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Robin Berjon < <>> writes:

> sorry I just missed the call, I somehow got distracted and didn't see 

> IRC bounce. Looks like it would've been just Norm and I swapping Words 

> With Friends tricks anyway.


Yeah. So maybe it's time to abandon the telcon thing.


Please comment on this thread and I'll try to incorporate whatever looks
like its garnering consensus.


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