Re: New HTML/XML Task Force Report published

I finally, belatedly read the report. Overall, I think it's excellent, at 
least in capturing what progress we've managed to make. A few small points 
and suggestions:

* I think you do a great job of outlining the options. I wonder whether we 
could, after some discussion, give some guidance on which ones we'd like to 
encourage for early and widespread deployment?  I understand the arguments 
against doing so (let the market decide), but offering an opinion might 
jump start the process of getting everyone to invest in common approaches 
and tooling.

* 2.5 suggests that XML parsers could be "made more forgiving of errors". 
What's not covered here is that there are various options one could 
consider for the XML Recommendation itself.  My favorite, though one I've 
advocated for so long the people are no doubt tired of me repeating it is: 
restructure the XML Recommendation into two  or more separate parts, one 
defining what the structure and interpretation of well formed documents, 
and the other(s) to define (classes) of processors. One such class would no 
doubt be the unforgiving processors with just the reporting rules given in 
XML 1.0 Rel5, but others might be written for the more forgiving processors 
you suggest. Alternatively, one could just remove the admonition that all 
processors must stop reporting user data on first error.

* I'm always greatful for anything that bumps my citation count, but I have 
no clue why the references to MTOM and XOP are needed, as they aren't 
mentioned in the rest of the text.

Thanks again for doing such a terrific job.


On 3/22/2011 2:50 PM, Norman Walsh wrote:
> Hello folks,
> I've just published the first draft of any actual substance:
> I encourage you to review it and send your comments to this list. I'll
> be traveling to XML Prague on Thursday, then taking a few days
> vacation before returning next week.
> I'll try to address all comments as quickly as possible. If it looks
> like we need to talk about any of them, I'll probably schedule a
> telcon for 12 April.
>                                          Be seeing you,
>                                            norm

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