RE: Revised HTML/XML Task Force Report

> I still do not understand what you are trying to achieve. 
> 1. Are you really not aware of the issues after these years of discussions?
> or  2. Do you want to just improve the report?

The context for my comments is

and Noah's request that the TAG review the latest report
and prepare for discussing the report at the next TAG teleconference
on Thursday July 14.

The task force was created by the TAG
to help the TAG address the issue

As a TAG member, I am giving feedback on the report and the work it represents as an analysis of the issues. I think it's part of the job of the TAG to respond to the draft report so far and to ask for additional information, improved reports, additional considerations and perspectives, in the report of the task force it called for.

While I don't expect a task force to necessarily solve the problem given it, I do expect, if the conclusion is that the problem given the task force cannot be solved, for the task force to explain clearly, cogently, concisely (without too many references to jump through or an expectation to have participated in years of discussion) why the problem cannot be solved.  I don't think the HTML/XML task force draft report does that yet. 

Does that help explain the context of my remarks?


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