Re: The interpretation of script

Norman Walsh scripsit:

> I think the implication is that text/javascript is the only type of
> script that will ever execute automatically. Even if we totally
> replace JavaScript with some new language in 20 years, we'll still
> have to shim it in place with JavaScript.

Not necessarily: such a shim could detect that the browser can execute
FooScript natively, and shut itself off.  But my central point is the
one I made on the call, and is independent of which language(s) the
browser can execute natively: if you want something to be data, use a
media type that implies it is data; if you want something to be code,
use a media type that implies that.

Another example: if I were sending you a JavaScript program by email, I'd
want my mail client to tag it text/plain, not application/javascript, for
fear that an overly smart mail client at your end might try to execute it.
Unfortunately for me, Mutt still sucks (just less than other clients).

> That's not an impractical solution, I guess, though it strikes me as
> an inelegant one.

This TF does not live in Elegantia.

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