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> Currently missing from the initial use cases at
> (and from our discussions) is any mention of XForms. There's a significant community that believes in the merits of this approach to creating user interfaces. Can XForms and HTML5 coexist? Certainly, XForms is another XML vocabulary that's a sensible candidate for embedding in HTML.

As a historical data point, it's worth noting that the HTML5 effort got started because Opera and Apple went on the record rejecting XForms ( and Opera started the Web Forms 2.0 effort instead and that effort grew into HTML5.

> Or is it irrelevant, because you can just as well use XHTML?

I think it's not irrelevant for that reason.

However, I think considering XForms should be out of scope and out of order, because there was already another Task Force for pondering the "architectural consistency" between HTML forms and an envisioned (now dead) flavor of XForms. XForms interests lobbied heavily for having the Task Force, but once it was set up, the nominated participants from the Forms WG did very little to be active and the Task Force expired. Thus, I think the XForms community should be considered to have had their chance to have a Task Force ponder XForms and HTML5.

The archives are at

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