Re: text/html fallback using the Same Bytes

On 01/07/2011 11:47 AM, Henri Sivonen wrote:
> On Jan 7, 2011, at 14:13, Sam Ruby wrote:
>> First, Venus can and does produce multiple outputs.  I even provide
>> an xhtml2html[1] filter do to exactly what you describe.  You can
>> see the results for yourself[2].
>> Second, despite your dire claims of confusion, brittleness, stunts,
>> and shooting; (1) many, many people have made use of Planet Venus
>> over an extended period of time;
> I didn't mean that your software doesn't work. I mean that polyglot
> in general is full of gotchas. Even if you (and possibly other
> specialists on this mailing list) can make it work, it doesn't follow
> that it's a good idea to promote polyglot in general to the
> unsuspecting public (like Appendix C was evangelized to people who
> never needed their content to be processable as XML).

Full of gotchas.  Oh my goodness and golly.  More dire claims!  We're 
doomed?  Whatever will we do?

If things were truly as bad as you are portraying things, I would have a 
long list of bug reports.

>> (2) as far as I know nobody actually uses the filter I provided;
> People are lazy. Is it enabled by default? If not, of course no one
> is using it.

If it solved a real people, people would be motivated to use it.

- Sam Ruby

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