Re: XML payloads in feeds (was: Re: Use cases)

Henri Sivonen scripsit:

> Now, if someone really wants to put arbitrary XML in a feed item
> description, that person should use Atom since RSS 2.0 doesn't support
> arbitrary XML descriptions. But there's no guarantee that anyone
> cares to write feed consumers that do anything useful with non-Web
> vocabulary Atom descriptions, so the pragmatic answer is to transform
> the XML vocabulary into (X)HTML/SVG/MathML for publication.

Google Data feeds are Atom, and they definitely contain non-HTML;
indeed, except for Blogger I can't think of a single one that contains
any HTML at all.  Granted that data is not a typical use for Atom, it's
not unheard-of either.  LexisNexis is also using Atom for both data and
documents, both of which are in plain XML.  (Claimer: I used to work on
one, and I'm now working on the other.)

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