Re: HTML-XML TF telcon Cancelled 23 August 2011

Also, slightly contradicting myself: I note the TAG is meeting 13-15 Sept. 
If you feel it's ready, I think we should put the draft on the reading 
list, which is due about 1 Sept. I don't think we need to settle the 
XML5/scope question, but pointing a direction or at least outlining 
positions being debated would be helpful I think.  Thanks.


On 8/22/2011 2:26 PM, Noah Mendelsohn wrote:
> On 8/22/2011 11:47 AM, Norman Walsh wrote:
>> I've been unable to close the loop with the TAG on this point and am
>> likely to be unavailable tomorrow, so we'll give it another week to
>> settle out.
> I'll put it on the TAG's agenda for our call on Sept. 1. I think I've given
> my personal opinion, which is: if recent email discussion has uncovered a
> possibility that increased investment in XML5-like directions is likely
> lead to good things, then we should:
> * At least indicate that much in the report prior to requesting broader
> feedback.
> * Maybe find the energy in our little task force to do the next round of
> investigations ourselves, and report on the results.
> If, as I had originally thought, those directions were deemed unlikely to
> succeed, then I agree we should publish a draft, perhaps modified with
> introductory text as I had proposed at [1].
> In short: I think our group was formed with some responsibility to try and
> bring the stacks together, presumably by suggesting changes to either HTML
> and/or XML. If we've tried and found nothing worth doing, then we should
> use text such as that at [1] to say so. If in fact there are promising
> directions (such as XML5) for increased unification, then we should make
> that clear, and try to start the community on the path to doing the actual
> work. Other than that, I'm fine with Norm's proposal to publish for more
> widespread review.
> Noah
> [1]

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