Re: Suggested revised text for HTML/XML report intro

On 16/08/2011 23:45, John Cowan wrote:
> David Carlisle scripsit:
>> For an xml5-style lenient xml parse (which I'd only define as part
>> of, or companion to, html rather than changing xml itself)
> What would be the benefit of lenient XML parsing in the XHTML
> context? You might just as well use the HTML syntax.

Well, as I mentioned, I wouldn't want lenient parsing in most xml
contexts, I want the process to die given bad input. It's in a browser,
or similar situations where lenient parsing makes most sense.

There are many things you get on the xml/xhtml side that you don't get
on the html parsing side of the browser. Notably the ability to mix
elements or attributes from other namespaces (or no-namespace for that
matter) and have them parse as xml to be styled by xsl or css or
whatever. Sometimes the disadvantages out-way the advantages (I'm
seriously considering switching the NAG documentation from xhtml+mathml
to html(5)) but sometimes using the xhtml side of things _is_ the right
answer to the "extensibility" issues that plagued the html discussions
for quite some time.


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