Back to the future (was: New HTML/XML Task Force Report published)

On Apr 11, 2011, at 14:52 , Henri Sivonen wrote:
> Historical side note: This technique has been documented in the /TR/
> space since 1998!

Wow, this document is nothing short of fascinating! How did you come across it?

I note that in addition to the usage of script, the document mentions the possibility of using <applet> to hide some XML. Now, I wonder if that could be adapted today. Applet is dead, but naturally browsers still support it (to a point). Could we make it so that <applet> could expose a shadow tree or a Context2D and thereby make it possible for XML to be rendered to it (through scripting)? It's a semantic improvement above inserting an element right after the script to perform the same. Just a crack-fueled idea for your consideration.

Amongst other gems, I also love this one:

  "A proposal for a "sprinkles" mechanism is the subject of a Working Draft in progress."

I wish that WD had actually seen the light of day :)

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