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Hi Michael,

I'm don't know if this is really on topic for this list  it seems to be mostly about something that needs to be implemented using browser tech but that you haven't found. However see below.

On Dec 22, 2010, at 03:37 , Michael Sokolov wrote:
> We would like to be able to provide our users lightweight WYSIWYG in-browser editing tools that operate on XML, using vocabularies that we control. We have a few choices currently, none of which is ideal:
>   A) render using XSLT in the browser; this is painful due to limited browser support for XSLT
>   B) render in the browser using CSS only: this provides only limited presentation capabilities
>   C) render using a server round-trip; this cripples the immediacy of the user experience
>   D) Use a heavyweight tool (like Xopus) that essentially embeds an entirely separate client-side application in the browser.  This might be the best option, but we've been reluctant to invest the not-insignificant license fees and integration effort here.
>   E) Something else we haven't found yet - suggestions welcome!

Have you looked at AXEL / XTiger:

It uses a very simple language to create HTML-based editors for arbitrary XML languages. It's quite interesting.

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