Re: XML Data Islands

On 20/12/2010 15:34, Michael Kay wrote:
> Can I ask: what's the status of "XML data islands" in HTML5?

I don't think <xml> has any defined behaviour in html5.

You can get the same effect (bar namespace considerations) as

... xml goes here ...

as annotaion-xml has an open content model in mathml. (the html 5 parser 
will put everything in the mathml namespace, and will abort the math 
element if any element with the local name of an html element is used, 
but otherwise any well formed XMl fragment should be OK there.)

If you don't care about validity you can use shorter forms, or svg for 

<svg style="display:none">
... xml goes here ...

But really I'd like to be able to get to foreign content parsing without 
abusing svg or mathml.


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