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HTML-ISSUE-175 (domrange-ref): Normative Reference to Work Attributed Solely to Pseudonymous Author

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HTML-ISSUE-175 (domrange-ref): Normative Reference to Work Attributed Solely to Pseudonymous Author


Raised by: Julian Reschke
On product: 

The [DOMPARSING] reference in HTML5 appears to be a mandatory part of an HTML5
implementation, cf. 2.2.2:

"In addition, user agents must implement the features defined in the DOM Range,
DOM Parsing and Serialization, HTML Editing APIs, and UndoManager and DOM
Transaction specifications that apply to their conformance class. [DOMRANGE]

The document referenced by [DOMPARSING] is attributed solely to a pseudonymous

The reporter (of this issue) contends that a mandatory, normative inclusion of
a work attributed to a pseudonymous entity:

(1) unnecessarily complicates research on the existence of related IPR as
pertains to application of the W3C Patent Policy;

(2) is contrary to past and existing practices regarding attribution of works
in the W3C or the inclusion of referenced works in W3C specifications;

(3) is contrary to an open and transparent development process of W3C supported
technologies and recommendations;

Proposed Resolution:

(1) formulate a formal policy on use of pseudonymous attributions on (1)
directly published W3C works, and (2) the appropriateness or inappropriateness
of normative reference to such works by W3C works;

(2) regarding the work in question, request the author to either provide a
non-pseudonymous attribution or to employ a second, attributable, identified
person as the primary author/editor (listed first among attributions);

See <http://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/show_bug.cgi?id=14029>.
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