HTML-ISSUE-173 (split-appcache): Split AppCache out [HTML 5 spec]

HTML-ISSUE-173 (split-appcache): Split AppCache out [HTML 5 spec]

Raised by: Sam Ruby
On product: HTML 5 spec

This issue was raised on behalf of Mark Nottingham, based on the following bug:


AppCache ("Offline Web applications") arguably is of a different maturity than
the rest of HTML5. 

The impression I have is that takeup is lackluster (and some discussions I've
had with browser vendors seem to confirm this), because it's not easy to use,
and does not address the needs in this space well.

I'd propose that AppCache be split out into a separate document (either in the
HTML5 WG or WebApps WG), to take it off of the critical path for HTML and allow
it to either progress or evolve as necessary.

Received on Monday, 29 August 2011 17:17:56 UTC