ISSUE-144 (conforming-u): <u> should be conforming [HTML 5 spec]

ISSUE-144 (conforming-u): <u> should be conforming [HTML 5 spec]

Raised by: Henri Sivonen
On product: HTML 5 spec

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Currently, HTML5 obsoletes <u>. <u> should be conforming.

The element is interoperably implemented. It has a semantic use in Chinese (indicating proper nouns). In the context of the Latin script, the <u> element is the most appropriate element to generate for underline in applications that provide a MacWrite-style UI for editing HTML.

To avoid unnecessary complications for authors or authoring tool developers, HTML5 should permit <u> as conforming for marking up Chinese proper nouns or a phrase-level run of text that the author wants to present as underlined in the visual medium and to set apart from normal text on other media (in particular when using a WYSIWYG tool to generate the markup).

In bug 10838 it was both argued that CSS be used on one hand and that Unicode combining marks be used on the other hand. When the alternatives are on the level above HTML and on the layer below HTML, it seems inplausible that it would be inappropriate to put the feature on the HTML level. Furthermore, given the state of the art of editors, it's harder to use the Unicode combining mark than it is to use <u>. Also, using e.g. <i> and styling it to be underlined and not italicized (as suggested on the bug) is unsatisfactory. (Consider having to use <u> and style it as italicized bun not underlined to italicize Latin text!)

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