ISSUE-99 (meta-scheme): meta/@scheme missing [HTML 5 spec]

ISSUE-99 (meta-scheme): meta/@scheme missing [HTML 5 spec]

Raised by: Julian Reschke
On product: HTML 5 spec

There are several problems with the removal of meta/@scheme (as compared to HTML4):

- documents using meta/@scheme become invalid; unless we change the re-registration of text/html (see

- the text under "10.2 Non-conforming features" is not a description of meta/@scheme:

"Use only one scheme per field, or make the scheme declaration part of the value. "

The resolution to this probably depends on @profile (which the HTML4 definition of @scheme has a dependency on), see ISSUE-55

Received on Thursday, 28 January 2010 14:43:15 UTC