toward a schedule of HTML WG issues

I've been thinking and talking about a schedule
of issues for a while, e.g. [01 Aug]

My sense of due process says that development groups,
peer working groups, and such should get 3 to 6 weeks
notice in preparation for a Working Group
decision on an issue. Here's a suggestion for
actually closing some issues:

21 Aug
28 Aug ISSUE-55 head-profile
 4 Sep 
11 Sep ISSUE-32 table-summary
18 Sep ISSUE-31 missing-alt
25 Sep
 2 Oct 
 9 Oct
16 Oct
23 Oct (TP week) ISSUE-41 Decentralized-extensibility (requirement)
30 Oct

I'd like to fit some more requirements issues in the
schedule leading up to the TP week; this is just
a starting sketch.

I also suggest we demote many/most of our OPEN issues to RAISED,
and discourage discussion of issues that aren't OPEN.

I chatted with Mike about this briefly, but I haven't
run it by Chris W. and of course I'm interested in
any feedback from others.

This is pretty much consistent with the existing state
definitions, though it might be worth explicitly modifying
Tracker Issue State Definitions
      * RAISED = Issue tracker staff suggests this is worth a WG
        discussion and potentially a decision. 
      * OPEN = The Chairs agree this is worth WG discussion; preferably,
        a working group member is assigned an ACTION to follow up
        (similar to ASSIGNED). 

[01 Aug]
As to decisions and escalation... as Ian notes, he makes
zillions of decisions every week or even every day...
and this Working Group as a whole has only made
6 decisions, formally ...
It's not reasonable to expect all interested parties
to watch Ian's IRC chatter 24x7 so that they can
engage when issues of interest to them come up.
´╗┐Laura pointed out the escalation to tracker
( )
and the weekly teleconference, but I can't really
say that's a well-oiled machine yet. I hope we'll
find a better balance with respect to due
process soonish.

Dan Connolly, W3C
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