{agenda} HTML WG Telecon 2010-09-23 status of calls, issues and bugs, heartbeat drafts

The HTML Working Group will have its usual weekly teleconference on
2010-10-07 for up to 60 minutes from 16:00Z to 17:00Z.


Tokyo 01:00+1, Amsterdam/Oslo 18:00, London/Dublin 17:00, New
Jersey/York 12 noon, Kansas City 11:00, Seattle/San Francisco 09:00.

Chair of the meeting: Maciej Stachowiak
Scribe:  TBD

(See the end of this email for dial-in and IRC info.)

== Agenda ==

1. ACTION items due by Thursday, October 7

a) ACTION-29: Follow up on the idea of a free-software-compatible license for a note on HTML authoring [PLH]
b) ACTION-187: Inform the group that no comments on issue-9 requirements means they will be accepted [Maciej]

2. New Issues This Week:

ISSUE-125 Requirement to break RFC 2616 compliance with respect to single quotes not needed for legacy content
ISSUE-126 Requirement to break RFC 2616 compliance with respect to backslashes not needed for legacy content
ISSUE-127 Simplify characterization of link types
ISSUE-128 Authors should be able to use <figure> where <img> can be used

Note that there are also a number of TrackerRequests pending:

3. Items Closed Last Week

a) ISSUE-41: decentralized-extensibility, Respond to survey, due Oct 7

4. Items Closing This week

c) ISSUE-92: cleanuptable, survey closes Oct 7

b) ISSUE-103: srcdoc-xml-escaping, Respond to survey, due Sept 29

a) ISSUE-74, ISSUE-105: provide input on survey plan, due Sept 28

5. New Surveys this week

a) ISSUE-89: idioms

6. New Calls this week

a) ISSUE-125 charset-vs-quotes Call for Proposals
b) ISSUE-128 figure-in-p Call for Proposals

7. Pending Heartbeat publications

8. Issue updates

a) ISSUE-85 and Bug 10066
Prior week's report (now out of date):

b) ISSUE-9 Media Accessibility 

b.i) User Requirements

b.ii) Requested Spec Additions

c) ISSUE-74, ISSUE-105: any comments on survey plan?

9. Other business

10. Scribe for next meeting

11. Adjournment

== Dial-in and IRC Details ==

Zakim teleconference bridge
+1.617.761.6200, +, +44.203.318.0479
code: HTML (4865)

Supplementary IRC chat (logged)
#html-wg on irc.w3.org port 6665 or port 80

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