Re: Stepping down

On Wed, Aug 26, 2009 at 7:03 AM, Chris Wilson<> wrote:
> I wanted you all to know that Iím stepping down as HTML Working Group
> co-chair,† effective immediately.† After being in my new role at Microsoft
> for a while, itís become clear that my new job focus aligns better with some
> of the other facets of the open web platform. The IE team has been ramping
> up more resources here in the HTML WG, so Iím going to be spending
> personally a lot more time focused on the programmability and API side of
> the web platform.† Iím looking forward to seeing some of you over in the Web
> Applications WG, and likely the Device API and Policy WG as well.
> I want to thank you all for the experience; Iíve met some great people, made
> some great friends and learned a lot about the challenges of chairing J.
> †The W3C leadership will be sending shortly another email to explain how the
> HTML WG leadership will be evolving.

Thanks for working with us Chris. Glad you're sticking around in other WGs!

/ Jonas

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