Re: {agenda} HTML WG telcon 2009-08-13

On Thu, Aug 13, 2009 at 6:25 AM, Michael Cooper<> wrote:
> I would like to request an addition to the agenda: creation of an HTML
> Accessibility Task Force. The PFWG has been discussing HTML accessibility
> issues in a sub-group but would like to join this up with members of the
> HTML WG so we can discuss issues more directly within this channel. A goal
> would be to have specific focused work, and to use this as a primary vehicle
> to support some of the work that has been going on recently. The discussion
> would be on the public record.
> We have put together a draft work statement for this task force at
> We would like input from the HTML
> WG on it and hopefully approve the creation of this as as a joint task force
> of the two working groups.

If this means there will be a more targeted forum to discuss a11y
issues around HTML, I am supportive of this new task force and would
like to participate. While I have received some feedback on the video
a11y work, most of the feedback did not come through WHATWG or
public-html. It seems that neither the WHATWG mailing list nor the
public-html mailing list are the right forum to progress this work -
neither contains all of the parties that should provide feedback.

OTOH I am slightly weary of opening another forum for discussion, that
may well not contain all relevant parties either - e.g. the core
programmers within the browser vendors who would be required to
eventually implement a specification may not be interested to join
this mailing list.

I am under the impression that video a11y work is inherently a
juggling of a large number of interest groups which are difficult to
get together in one particular forum. The creation of more forums may
not actually lead to a solution of this situation.

Putting aside the skepticism: I am prepared to give it a try, in
particular since the proposal is to run it through the wai-xtech
mailing list, which is already an established interest group for a11y.

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