minutes HTML WG weekly 17 Apr

     1. Convene, review agenda
     2. watching HTML 5 diffs (ACTION-40)
     3. offline-applications-sql (ACTION-53)
     4. ISSUE-38 style-attr-syntax
     5. forms TF status
     6. authoring guide
     7. publication heartbeat (22 Jan + 3 months = ...)
     8. ISSUE-31 missing-alt

[NEW] ACTION: Anne update public-html on Offline Web Applications
extended-abstract, addressing a few bits of outstanding feedback

[NEW] ACTION: Mike start WG discussion of next publication; consider WBS

[NEW] ACTION: Mike to track progress on edits related to issue-38
style-attr-syntax in section html5/#style0

full text: http://www.w3.org/2008/04/17-html-wg-minutes

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