Re: Starting a test suite for Web Audio

Tobie Langel writes:
>> The Web Audio WG (of which I am the co-chair, and coordinator of our
>> testing effort), have started work on some tests for the Web Audio
>> API. You can see our work-in-progress at
> Why not include your tests directly within
> like other WGs are doing
> (e.g. WebApps)?

I think we are, they're in the master branch:

I wanted the default branch on our github page to have some
webaudio-specific information (especially contribution legalise and our
"submission" workflow), hence the webaudio-readme branch. Does that make

>> At the moment we are discussing the best way to test audio rendering,
>> as there are two approaches that might work. We've ported two tests
>> from the Webkit/Blink and Mozilla test suites and are discussing the
>> pros and cons on our list (
>> ( We've also made a start on using
>> WebIDL for tests.
> Are you using idlharness for this?

Yes, we're using the webidl2 submodule in the resources submodule, for example:

>> No pull requests for the main platform tests yet, but I thought I'd
>> let you know of our status.
>> A quick question: Is there a "test runner" or something to automate the
>> running of a large number of tests and summarise the results?
> Not yet, but this is planned as part of our testing effort. We're at
> the funding stage of this effort at present, so if this is something
> your group or employer is interested in helping fund, please reach out
> to me directly.

Ok, thank you. There was some discussion at our recent f2f about how the
different browser teams present (Mozilla, Google and Apple) run their
tests as part of the build, so it sounds technically feasible. I'll have
a chat with our members to see whether we have any suggestions.



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