Re: HTML5 Test Suite Conformance Results not available

Hi Javier,

On 03/05/2012 09:03 PM, Javier Holguera Blanco wrote:
> Hello, It seems that the HTML5 Test Suite results are no longer
> available.. The web pages fails to display any result. I have tried
> with Internet Explorer and Chrome without success. I would like to
> know if you plan to put online the results again or if there is
> another webpage were all major browsers are compared, as this page
> used to do. Thanks. Kind Regards, Javier..

I don't know what happened to the page itself, but I should note that 
the results from running the test suite are, at least at this point in 
time, rather useless, as only a few small parts of the specification are 
yet tested. For this reason, I would in fact prefer if the page wouldn't 
return in its current form.


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