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Thanks Philippe - 

Does this also include the .dat format that is used in the HTML5Lib parser tests?
The reason I ask is that this format seems like one that we should make as w3c standard for parser tests.


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On Mon, 2011-03-07 at 10:57 +0100, James Graham wrote:
> I would like to submit the html5lib parser tests to the testsuite. 
> However there is a small licensing problem I would like to address 
> before I do so. The html5lib tests are under the MIT license. The W3C 
> testsuite in general is not. Is this a problem? I hope it is not. I 
> particular I hope it will be acceptable to submit the tests with a 
> LICENSE file explaining that the input data and expected result for 
> these tests are under {text of MIT license} whilst the surrounding 
> infrastructure for running in browsers is under the normal BSD/W3C license?
> If this is not possible I suppose it would be necessary to get 
> permission form all contributors to relicense the test data. This 
> seems like a considerable burden given that the number of contributors 
> has been large and new tests are still under development.

Here is the answer I received:
yes, the cases can be re-used. But please make sure that the right attribution is given. If the tests are changed in a considerable way thus creating a different copyright on a new work, we can apply our own license. The MIT license has no viral effect. 

Since our intent is to get the changes upstream if possible as well, it's very unlikely we'll apply our own license anyway,

So, you can go ahead and submit the tests,


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