HTML DOM Test Case Incorrect (button03.html)

Here is another cases that I think is incorrect reading the HTML5 spec.


The Details
Test Case ->

This test case expects that the action attribute to be "..." and not "".

See and note the 'action' attribute is a DOMString.

Then read this section of the spec and note the reference to absolute URL.

2.7.1 Reflecting content attributes in IDL attributes

If a reflecting IDL attribute is a DOMString  attribute whose content attribute is defined to contain a URL, then on getting, the IDL attribute must resolve the value of the content attribute relative to the element and return the resulting absolute URL if that was successful, or the empty string otherwise; and on setting, must set the content attribute to the specified literal value. If the content attribute is absent, the IDL attribute must return the default value, if the content attribute has one, or else the empty string.

Here is the code from the test
Note the 'assert' at the bottom which expects '...' 
and not ''

function button03() {
   var success;
    if(checkInitialization(builder, "button03") != null) return;
    var nodeList;
      var testNode;
      var formNode;
      var vfaction;
      var doc;
      var docRef = null;
      if (typeof(this.doc) != 'undefined') {
        docRef = this.doc;
      doc = load(docRef, "doc", "button");
      nodeList = doc.getElementsByTagName("button");
testNode = nodeList.item(0);
      formNode = testNode.form;

      vfaction = formNode.action;


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