This is the HTML5 test cases list

So, there was an IRC discussion[1] a week ago about setting up a
mechanism to enable people to submit test cases for the HTML5
spec, and as a result of that we now have this mailing list.


The current subscribers are: Anne vK, Philipp "canvex" Taylor,
Henri Sivonen, Hixie, Lachy, Maciej, Simon Pieters, and me. Even
though some of you weren't involved in the IRC discussion, I
subscribed you because I/we(those who we're on #html-wg at the
time the discussion took place) figured you'd want to be on the
list (because you are known to have interest/experience in writing
test cases for the spec).

So this list is a means for people to submit test cases for
review. The policy suggested on IRC was that nothing should be
checked into the test-case repository until it has been reviewed.
The list of reviewers suggested so far is Anne, Henri, Ian,
Lachlan, Philipp, and Simon.

The actual repository is in the html5/tests subdirectory on the CVS server. If any of you don't yet have access to
that, let me know and I will get it set up for you (I first need
an SSH2 key from you in order to do that).

At this point, we need to decide how we want to proceed. I can
post an announcement to the public-html-wg-announce list about
this list and test-case repository, but I would first like to get
agreement about what the description of the process for submitting
test cases should be -- and possibly also get agreement about
what the subdirectory structure should be (though maybe we don't
really need to do that until we have a few test cases that have
been reviewed and are ready to be checked in.

Anyway, here's a rough draft of the message for the announce list:

  A new subdirectory within the CVS repository has been
  created for storing and maintaining test cases for the HTML5

  Note that at test cases checked in there will at this point be
  only official/non-normative. The tests subdirectory was set up
  in part because there are some members of the group who have
  test cases for HTML5 that are just sitting on their hard drives
  and that it would be better to have stored in a common location.

  Along with that new test subdirectory in the CVS repository, a
  new mailing list has been created for the purpose of enabling
  people to submit their test cases.

  If you have interest in helping to write test cases --
  especially if you have experience in writing test cases --
  consider subscribing to that list.

  For those who want to submit test cases, the process I'd suggest
  we use is the following:

  1. You first e-mail your test case to
  2. Anybody on the list who wants to can provide review comments
     on the test case, but it must be signed off on by at least
     one required reviewer [complete list of required reviewers
     still pending].
  3. After at least one required reviewer has OK'ed your test
     case, it gets checked into an appropriate subdirectory in the
     tests/ tree -- checked in either directly by you (if you
     have/want direct write access to the CVS server
     and are set up to use CVS and SSH for checkins) or by me or
     another member of the group with write access.
  4. You remain responsible for maintaining and updating your test
     cases if/when others later report problems/limitations in
     them that require updates -- unless/until you let the rest of
     the group know you're orphaning a particular test case or set
     of test cases and need someone else in the group to handle
     any maintenance/updating on it that might be needed.

That's it. Let me know if there's anything you think should be
added to that message.


Michael(tm) Smith

Received on Wednesday, 28 November 2007 03:05:59 UTC