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hixie: xref (whatwg r6103)

From: poot <cvsmail@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 06 May 2011 15:55:01 -0400
To: public-html-diffs@w3.org
Message-Id: <E1QIR77-0004lS-IK@jay.w3.org>
hixie: xref (whatwg r6103)


RCS file: /sources/public/html5/spec/Overview.html,v
retrieving revision 1.4905
retrieving revision 1.4906
diff -u -d -r1.4905 -r1.4906
--- Overview.html	6 May 2011 19:49:10 -0000	1.4905
+++ Overview.html	6 May 2011 19:50:37 -0000	1.4906
@@ -2918,6 +2918,7 @@
     <ul class="brief"><li><dfn id="event"><code>Event</code></dfn> interface</li>
      <li><dfn id="eventtarget"><code>EventTarget</code></dfn> interface</li>
      <li><dfn id="uievent"><code>UIEvent</code></dfn> interface</li>
+     <li><dfn id="mouseevent"><code>MouseEvent</code></dfn> interface</li>
      <li><dfn id="event-click" title="event-click"><code>click</code></dfn> event</li>
@@ -40160,10 +40161,10 @@
   <dl class="switch"><dt>If the user requested a context menu using a pointing device</dt>
    <dd><p>The user agent must dispatch an event with the name <code title="event-contextmenu">contextmenu</code>, that bubbles and is
-   cancelable, and that uses the <code>MouseEvent</code> interface, at
+   cancelable, and that uses the <code><a href="#mouseevent">MouseEvent</a></code> interface, at
    the element for which the menu was requested. The context
    information of the event must be set to the same values as the last
-   <code>MouseEvent</code> user interaction event that was dispatched
+   <code><a href="#mouseevent">MouseEvent</a></code> user interaction event that was dispatched
    as part of the gesture that that was interpreted as a request for
    the context menu.</dd>
@@ -49147,7 +49148,7 @@
   mouse event named <var title="">e</var></dfn> means that an event
   with the name <var title="">e</var>, which does not bubble (except
   where otherwise stated) and is not cancelable (except where
-  otherwise stated), and which uses the <code>MouseEvent</code>
+  otherwise stated), and which uses the <code><a href="#mouseevent">MouseEvent</a></code>
   interface, must be dispatched at the given target. The event object
   must have its <code title="">screenX</code>, <code title="">screenY</code>, <code title="">clientX</code>, <code title="">clientY</code>, and <code title="">button</code> attributes
   set to 0, its <code title="">ctrlKey</code>, <code title="">shiftKey</code>, <code title="">altKey</code>, and <code title="">metaKey</code> attributes set according to the current
@@ -52456,7 +52457,7 @@
    <code><a href="#datatransferitem">DataTransferItem</a></code> object.</p>
   </ol></div><h4 id="the-dragevent-interface"><span class="secno">7.7.4 </span>The <code><a href="#dragevent">DragEvent</a></code> interface</h4><p>The drag-and-drop processing model involves several events. They
-  all use the <code><a href="#dragevent">DragEvent</a></code> interface.<pre class="idl">interface <dfn id="dragevent">DragEvent</dfn> : <span>MouseEvent</span> {
+  all use the <code><a href="#dragevent">DragEvent</a></code> interface.<pre class="idl">interface <dfn id="dragevent">DragEvent</dfn> : <a href="#mouseevent">MouseEvent</a> {
   readonly attribute <a href="#datatransfer">DataTransfer</a> <a href="#dom-dragevent-datatransfer" title="dom-DragEvent-dataTransfer">dataTransfer</a>;
   void <a href="#dom-dragevent-initdragevent" title="dom-DragEvent-initDragEvent">initDragEvent</a>(in DOMString typeArg, in boolean canBubbleArg, in boolean cancelableArg, in any dummyArg, in long detailArg, in long screenXArg, in long screenYArg, in long clientXArg, in long clientYArg, in boolean ctrlKeyArg, in boolean altKeyArg, in boolean shiftKeyArg, in boolean metaKeyArg, in unsigned short buttonArg, in EventTarget relatedTargetArg, in <a href="#datatransfer">DataTransfer</a> dataTransferArg);
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