Re: Microdata to RDF: First Editor's Draft (ACTION-6)

Hi Greg, all:

With respect to

I strongly suggest to define a "Compatibility parsing method" that produces RDF data as close as possible to the RDF data that the same vocabulary / data patterns would yield from RDFa.

For instance, it should

1. produce property URIs by attaching the local property name to the base URI of the vocabulary, and not to the URI of the itemtype or document,
2. try to create proper typed RDF literals if the vocabulary defines a single xsd datatype for a datatype property,
3. suppress the generation of RDF collections and other meta-data patterns that make the data break for SPARQL queries that would work for the same pattern in RDFa.

For instance, the attached two examples should result in roughly the same triples.

One idea for implementing this is to define an owl:AnnotationProperty for owl:Ontology that sets the Microdata parsing mode.



a) Microdata
<div itemscope itemtype="" itemid="#offer">
  <div itemprop="name">Hepp Personal SCSI Controller Card</div>
  <div itemprop="description">The Hepp Personal SCSI is a 16-bit 
add-on card that allows attaching up to seven SCSI devices to your computer.</div>
  <link itemprop="hasBusinessFunction" 
     href="" />
  <div itemscope itemprop="hasPriceSpecification" 
    <meta itemprop="hasCurrency" content="USD">$
    <span itemprop="hasCurrencyValue">99.99</span>
    <time itemprop="validThrough" datetime="2012-11-30T23:59:59Z"></time> 
  Condition: <div itemprop="condition">used</div>
  EAN/UPC: <span itemprop="hasEAN_UCC-13">1234567890123</span>
  MPN: <span itemprop="hasMPN">PSCSI</span>
  Article No. <span itemprop="hasStockKeepingUnit">123-456</span>
  Availability: <span itemscope itemprop="hasInventoryLevel" 
    <meta property="hasMinValueFloat" content="1.0">In-stock

  <img itemprop="" src="" 
       alt="text" />
  <link itemprop="" href="" />

b) RDFa

<div typeof="gr:Offering" about="#offer">
  <div property="gr:name">Hepp Personal SCSI Controller Card</div>
  <div property="gr:description">The Hepp Personal SCSI is a 16-bit add-on card that allows 
attaching up to seven SCSI devices to your computer.</div>
  <div rel="gr:hasBusinessFunction" 
  <div rel="gr:hasPriceSpecification">
    <div typeof="gr:UnitPriceSpecification">Price: 
     <span property="gr:hasCurrency" content="USD">$</span>
     <span property="gr:hasCurrencyValue">99.99</span>
     <div property="gr:validThrough" datatype="xsd:datetime" 
  Condition: <div property="gr:condition>used</div>
  EAN/UPC: <span property="gr:hasEAN_UCC-13 datatype="xsd:string">1234567890123</span>
  MPN: <span property="gr:hasMPN datatype="xsd:string">PSCSI</span>
  Article No. <span property="gr:hasStockKeepingUnit datatype="xsd:string">123-456</span>
  Availability: <div rel="gr:hasInventoryLevel"> 
       <div typeof="gr:QuantitativeValue">
         <div property="gr:hasMinValueFloat" content="1.0" datatype="xsd:float">In-stock</div>
  <div rel="schema:image">
    <img src="" alt="text" />
  <div rel="foaf:page" resource=""></div>

Received on Saturday, 15 October 2011 19:52:03 UTC