RE: The paranoid user

I would agree with Gareth's assessment. 'paranoid' seems an inappropriate
word for a spec. It implies whoever wrote the spec doesn't think much about
the feature or a user who would use it; while that may be a legitimate
opinion, if the feature is to be present it should be described sans
attitude. The polite phrase would be "... a concerned user ...". 
Art C
Arthur Clifford
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Subject: The paranoid user

Section "Hyperlink auditing" says:
> However, the ping attribute ... allows the paranoid user to disable  
> the notifications without losing the underlying link functionality.

The use of the word "paranoid" suggests that such a user's concerns  
about sending ping notifications are delusional: that is, in practice  
there is no gain in privacy from disabling the notifications. Is this  
what you mean to imply? If it is, I think it would be better if the  
text were more explicit.

Gareth Rees

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