Re: [HTML5] 2.8 Character encodings

On Thu, 3 Sep 2009, Dr. Olaf Hoffmann wrote:
> Even more, if the version of the language is indicated within the 
> document, it is defined by the author, which version of the language is 
> relevant and the others are irrelevant. If not and there is no other 
> information available, it is undefined. It can be a good first approach 
> to try the newest language for a guess. Analysis of the content can lead 
> to an even better/different guess.

An even better solution is to extend the language in a way that doesn't 
harm pre-existing documents, such that no version numbering is necessary. 
This is what HTML5 does.

> You claimed, that the new version defines the meaning of old versions 
> too. This can only be true, if there are no inconsistencies and the new 
> version is a real superset of the old.

No. I claim that the new version defines the processing of all versions to 
the extent necessary to handle existing documents in a manner that is 
acceptable to users.

I believe we have succeeded with this; if there are cases where we have 
failed, please demonstrate these cases, by showing actual 
non-demonstration documents on the Web with actual non-demonstration 
software being processed in a way that conflicts what HTML5 says.

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