Lists and <DEL>

List elements, <ul> <ol> and <dl> only allows <li> <dt> and <dd> as their child. However, I think the spesification should include the <del> and <ins> tag as allowed elements.

I came across this when I was working on an article describing example usage for <del> and <ins>. At one point I had a list which I added and removed items to. However, wrapping the <li> in a <del> or <ins> is not standard compliant. The problem comes to when you have the <del> inside the <li>, <li><del>Lorem Ipsum</del></li>, the bullet item for the <li> is still visible, even though the <del> effectivly makes it empty. (This is when <del> is set to display: none; in CSS.)

And I also belive that it's more correct to wrap the <del> and <ins> around the <li> <dt> and <dd> elements when you add and remove list items.

-Thomas Thomassen

Received on Wednesday, 20 February 2008 16:42:30 UTC