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[Bug 14492] <video> change event when tracks are removed

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--- Comment #4 from Jan Lindquist <jan.lindquist@ericsson.com> 2011-10-27 07:29:16 UTC ---
In countries following the DVB standards one can look at what the TV supports.
If I take Sweden for example the tuner is built into the TV as below example
(sorry it is in Swedish). In this example the TV suports DVB-T (terrestrial)
and DVB-C (cable). I am sure I can find TV's with DVB-S for satelite.


These are retail devices and there are managed devices like Set Top Box (STB)
that have integrated tuners.

One can assume tuner is an independent part of the browser but when merging TV
and browser one needs to assume they can be integrated and having the framework
in <video> to support the characteristics of these broadcast systems is

If there is a question of deployments one can refer to the specifications
coming from OIPF. Refer to section 7.16.5 and support of components which is an
equivelent to tracks. There are commercial deployments using these


The fundamental shift is that HTML5 does not only run on a PC but also on TV's
and other retail devices. The spirit of webtv IG was to capture the
requirements coming from the TV and map them to W3C and HMTL5.

You ask who will use this, it will be web developers who want to create a more
integrated experience between the TV and web.

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