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[Bug 14491] 'script' and 'style' are not consistent. 'script' have a 'src' attribute, but 'style' does not have a 'src' attribute. If the 'script' element is the cousin of 'style', then why doesn't both none of them have the src attribute? 'link' is used to load styl

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--- Comment #4 from Cameron Jones <cmhjones@gmail.com> 2011-10-24 14:41:25 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #3)
> There is a lot more to it than that. Where would such content fit in the
> cascade? 
> And how would src-attribute provided content relate to styles provided within
> the HTML between the tags? Legacy browsers would ignore the src attribute an
> use thos rules, but that's very inconsistent compared to the script element
> that ignores the element content if a src attribute is provided.
> And then there is the issue of polyfills. To write the in a way that ensures a
> propwer cascading order is nigh impossible.
> This is actually a quite large addition to browser parsing algotithms for no
> benefit except purity of style, which is not really that valuable.
> We can link to external stylesheets already. Use case solved and it is not THAT
> hard to learn how to do it. Trust me, I teach this to newbies for a living.

Thanks for the clarity, i thought there might be some complexity in
implementing this and with the addition of legacy browsers ignoring src
references makes it practically impossible.

In a pie-in-the-sky world, i would love to see for style & scripts to use the
src attribute to reference an external document but the contents of the tags to
be use for over-riding the imported context, ie:

<style src="external-stylesheet.css">
    h1 { color: red; } <!-- over-ridden attribute -->


<script src="external-script.js">
    config.initParamA = "1000";
    config.initParamB = "yellow";

So that you can almost have template imports and their configuration in the
same place....ahh the pie in the sky!

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