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[Bug 13358] <video> also fire a 'change' event at VideoTrackList, AudioTrackList, and TextTrackList objects when their list of tracks changes

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--- Comment #16 from Mark Watson <watsonm@netflix.com> 2011-10-11 23:52:35 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #15)
> Is there any change required here specific to the diff checked in above
> (comment 8) or are the only outstanding comments relating to the new material
> mentioned in comment 14 to be filed as a separate bug?

If a live stream has, say, a spanish language track and that media stops
because the live stream has moved on to some programme without spanish language
available, then this could be considered as either "the spanish language track
is deleted", or as "the spanish language track is still present but has no

Which choice you make is a design decision about which I don't have a strong
opinion (though see below). The current proposal takes the second approach.

Nevertheless, the use-case was included in the original bug, so whilst this
could be tracked as a separate issue it is not "new" and should be dealt with
as an LC1 issue too.

I do have a mild concern about the proposed approach: we should consider what
happens with extremely long-running streams (live streams) which may consist of
a lot of different material spliced together, where the available tracks in
each segment are completely different. The current approach implies an
ever-growing track list and I wonder if we really should delete the "dead" ones
in some way.

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