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[Bug 13358] <video> also fire a 'change' event at VideoTrackList, AudioTrackList, and TextTrackList objects when their list of tracks changes

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Date: Thu, 06 Oct 2011 16:15:00 +0000
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--- Comment #10 from Mark Watson <watsonm@netflix.com> 2011-10-06 16:14:58 UTC ---
It's not clear what the behaviour should be when the media of a track ends.
Although it may make sense that the track object is never removed from the list
(for the reason you give and also to avoid modifying the indices of the other
tracks), the page still needs to know that the media is no longer available so
that it could switch to a different track.

For example consider a programme where alternative language audio is available
some, but not all, of the time. If the alternative audio was the user's
preferred audio, then the page would want to switch to that when it was
available and switch back to the default audio at other times.

It's not clear if a track become unavailable and then available again whether
this should result in a new track being added ? And if so, how would the page
know that this was the return of the same track which was earlier removed.

A possible solution would be to add an 'available' boolean to each track with
an event to indicate changes in availability.

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